Best free software for students in 2019

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With free software, it's hard not to wonder if there's a catch. In the end, it's free and useful ... why didn' t they make us cough?If you are willing to compromise aesthetics, you can save on software. In this tutorial we will go through the best free software for students, including anti-virus, image editing, video editing, and more ...

Best free software.

Free office software.

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Whatever you're looking at, you need something like an office suite that looks like Microsoft Office, but it doesn't have a high value. These are the best free alternatives for Microsoft Office programs for students:.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Although it is not perfect, it includes all the familiar editing tools, such as font change, text editing, cell editing, and so on. Google Docs also allows you to download existing files in DOC, XLS, ODT, ODS, RTF, CSV, and PPT format.

What makes Google Docs circumcise above the rest is what it does.

This allows several people to work simultaneously with the same document, trace the changes made, and those who (and you can even discuss changes in the direct chat window while you are doing it) ..

Google Drive, too.

It's amazing that you can also easily.

There's a lot of free office suites, but Libre Office is one of the best ...

It is completely free for download and is compatible with all Microsoft file formats ...

It consists of six programs (Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base) that offer pretty much everything you expected from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel (and more!) ..

If you are a mathematician or scholar, Draw, Math, and Base are designed for vector diagrams, mathematical calculations, and databases, respectively, they can be real help when it comes to the online season ..

LibreOffice is an open source project that indicates that it is managed by volunteers who are constantly working to improve the software. They are interested in the democracy of technology and software, making it accessible to all ..

Microsoft Office Online.

If you are a Microsoft Office tight fan, you should try to find free online versions of your programs ..

Microsoft Office Online-it.

All you need is that.

You will not have access to all features and functions that you would have with a complete Microsoft Office suite, but if you can't fork £ 100 + need to buy it, then this is a great alternative ..

You can also automatically synchronize with OneDrive so you can access it at home or uni ..

If you have an Android phone that you could already find in Polaris Office as an application, but it is also available in iOS and as a full-fledged Web application ..

As expected, it is compatible with all Microsoft Office file formats, and you can also synchronize it with Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox for-go storage ..

The three main Polaris programs are Word, Sheet and Slide (I am sure you can guess what they all do) ..

The most basic version is free, but if you need a full set of features (without advertising), you will have to pay a subscription. For example, it offers a very useful PDF editing program, but you're going to have to cough on it ..

The free version gives you a monthly allowance of 60 MB, unlimited viewing of three devices and 1 GB of memory on your disk ..

Another replica of Microsoft Office, WPS offers its typical document, presentation, and Spreadsheets.

He has several announcements, but very friendly and, of course, fully compatible with all MS Office files ..

He does have very impressive tools, such as the ability to convert PDF files into Word documents for free, which you will not be able to find elsewhere. Plus, 1 GB of free disk space is a great extra bonus!

FreeOffice SoftMaker.

As the name implies, SoftMaker is itself a free alternative to Microsoft Office, and tries to mirror the original rather closely ..

He offers the word TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations, and all programs are compatible with MS Office files ..

The main product is free of charge, but you must pay to gain access to all functions, including Thesaurus, which can be quite useful when you try.

It is easy to use (mainly because it is like Microsoft Office), but not as advanced as other alternatives to MS, for example, LibreOffice ..

Free antivirus software.

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Be careful when searching for free antivirus software like (ironically) some of them may be viruses in disguise. We recommend these four free antivirus software:.

Avast free antivirus.

Avast is a free and fairly complete antivirus product that can detect viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, and malware.

The software offers browsers and e-mail scanners that can protect against spam, email and virus phishing.

Avast is quite easy to use, but it was known that the performance of the computer was slower during the execution of the scan ...

AVG Antivirus Free.

AVG offers decent anti-virus software, if you don't object to aggressive advertising ...

Just as basic protection against viruses and malware, AVG scans incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and automatically uses red, yellow, or green alerts to evaluate the security of results in your browser ..

The lack of antivirus AVG software is that it constantly advertists expensive updates, and the size of the software can make a fairly large amount of space in the machine memory ..

Free protection from Bitdefender.

Bitdefender is known for the fact that it has really powerful anti-virus software with excellent phishing protection ..

However, the scan occurs automatically and cannot be scheduled. Although this means that you do not need to remember the scan, this may cause the scan to run at an inconvenient time (that is, when you are intensely.

It is also worth noting that Bitdefender Total Security (with its full range of features) is only £ 29.99 in the first year, so it may be worth the investment if you are looking for more sophisticated antivirus protection ..

Antivirus Avia.

Avira is a very lightweight program, so loading will not have a big impact on the speed or performance of the laptop.

It's easy to use with a fresh, modern interface. But it is worth noting that pop-ups can be very annoying ...

Free image editing software.

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It is possible that everyone has access to image editing features on Instagram, but if you are looking for software that is a little more complicated, then you probably don't want to fork for Photoshop ..

Use the options below to alert you to the different file formats that you save in your work because they may not be compatible with other machines ..

However, these are the five best free photoshop options for people with different editing abilities:

Canva is a great free online image editing and design tool.

While you will have to pay for the full range of features and templates, there are many free versions available for you to be able to watch images ..

In fact, if you are studying the creative level or

Gimp-competitors Adobe Photoshop with free, high-quality software. It includes many functions similar to Photoshop, and was highly recommended by both amateur and savvy photosoppers. They offer a wide range of editing tools that allow both simple and complex photo-editing.

As in Photoshop, for Gimp there are a number of plugins to simplify and enhance your editing-a quick online search will show what is available ..

Gimp supports a wide range of file types, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF, as well as

Similarly to Gimp, Pixlr is a great free alternative to Photoshop, and all this is online ..

He has quite advanced tools, with a large number of brushes, fillers and masks for more experienced editors, but he also has many automatic functions that do all the work for you ...

It allows you to open photos from your computer or the Internet (or import them directly from Facebook), and you can customize the toolbars according to your needs ..

However, you will need to download the Flash Player to use it.

Well, Red. This is a trusted software, which you will only use when facing the photos with the devil's moustache and antlers, right?

Well, despite the name, is surprisingly complex in what suggests (mustache and all) ..

It includes many features that are typically available only from expensive software. For example, it allows you to use multiple layers for extended photo liners ..

There is also a wide range of variations of color and 3D rotation effect and zooming, and it supports quite a lot of any type of image there ..

The Motor has major features, but it's very easy to use. All this was adapted to make the photo assembly as quick and easy as possible ..

It has a number of editorial changes, which means that even newcomers can transform their photos in just a few seconds ...

However, as with the large number of free software, advertising is very annoying ...

This is definitely not a rival of Photoshop, but if you need access to the main tools, it is a useful tool for the bookmark ..

Photoshop Express.

We added this to the list, mainly to indicate that it exists-but you can get the best programs in a different location ...

If you are a superfan of Photoshop, you can get (very) basic, lite-version of the program free in Photoshop Express ..

form.However, it works only with JPEG files, which make up less than 16 megapixels and less than 8 191 pixels wide, making it rather inconvenient for many images ..

It is much easier to use than Photoshop, but offers a limited set of functions ..

Free audio and video software.

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Although all of these programs are compatible with any computer, be aware of the file formats in which you save your creations. Otherwise, they may not be compatible with other machines ..

These free videos and audio packages won't help you make the next big blockbuster, but they'll get you at least ...

For free audio and video editing software, try these programs:

Audenity is a free software that lets you record, convert, edit, copy, cut, mix, and do much more for the selected sound ..

Among other tools, software allows you to mute on existing tracks to create multipoint records, track volume levels before, during and after recording, and remove static, histyst, or other persistent background sounds ..

Auidity allows you to import and export WAV, AIFF, AU, FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files, and create .wav or AIFF files suitable for CD burning.

Lightworks sells itself as a professional video editing software, which is available to all-people use it to edit their holiday videos while large Hollywood producers have used it in films including the Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential and Pulp Fiction ..

This may be the most powerful free video editing, so that beginnths can be a bit overwhelmed with a huge range of features ..

It supports a wide range of video formats and allows to separate clips with precision and export them for YouTube ..

For more advanced functions you will have to get Lightworks Pro, which costs about £ 100 a year, but the free version should be adequate for most projects ..

If you often spent hours downloading the video, only to find it will not play on your media player (aarh!), then the VLC player is software for you ..

VLC claims that it would be difficult for you to find a format with which it cannot work, and it can even play broken, spoiled, or unfinished video or audio files ..

The software leaves much to be desired in an aesthetic plan, but it is very easy to use and does exactly what is written on the tin ...

Ocenaudio does not have a great number of features, but it is ideal for a simpler daily editing of sound.

Usable features include the ability to select multiple parts of the sound clip and apply changes to them at the same time, plus many plug-ins if you want to extend the possibilities even more ..

Other free software.

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There's a lot of free software to help you work with your nei, communication, and more. These are the first free software to help students in general life:

If you're using all the free software we showed you, your laptop might be a little bit sosh ...

No need to worry-a cleaner is a system optimization tool that cleans hard disk space by removing unnecessary files, empties the trash, and cleanse your internet history ..

The cleaner works pretty quickly and can actually speed up your laptop ...

All the more popular with the students, Prezi is a free and free presentation tool, creating really impressive slides that impress your classmates and lecturers ...

You can not only make a few beautiful presentations, but all the storage in the network, so it's not possible to forget your stick of memory ..

Evernote allows you to organize different parts of your life in one place. It can help in loading different areas, from keeping a shopping list to help in group projects because different people can access the same documents in one place ..

You can gather all your files, notes, pictures, and favorite web pages together so that you can read or view at any time (even on your phone when you leave) and then share them with those who you like ..

Zotero is a free link management software that aims to help students collect and store sources as they go, making references to the essays and projects much simpler ..

Zotero works by creating an online folder for your various projects, to which you can add sources with one click, be it magazine article, site.

Then, as in the case of the magic little genie, Zotero will automatically add to the text, based on what you have collected for this project, and create your own bibliography for you-error free. I can't believe how many hours this will save on your dissertation ...

Autodesk offers students free software because they are so pleasant. You can get their software free of charge for three years if you register with the Training Committee in the auto-stock, which requires your e-mail address ...

The free software package includes programs for hundreds of pounds, such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, AutoCAD Map 3D and AutoCAD Architecture ..

One drawback is that all printouts will have a watermark to show that they are from a free student version of the program ... annoying!

SketchUp is downloadable software that allows you to easily create 3D models of anything. It's a free and less advanced version of the Trible's SketchUp Pro, but there's still a lot to offer ...

The software is pretty easy after a little practice, and the results are pretty impressive. You'll find an excuse to use a 3D model in your work

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